How to Submit Events

If your area or group is planning a Narcotics Anonymous event and would like it listed on the Regional Events Calendar you can do so by using the Post/submit Your Event on our calendar page. Certain items are required in the form for it to be submitted and approved to be posted, they are Venue Name, Address, Description, Organizer Name and Email and Submitter name and email and category ( Area Event or Homegroup Event ). Once you have filled out the form the webteam will review your submission and approve it for publishing or contact you for verification ( Note: if we do not get a response for verification we won’t publish the event ).

Posting Your Event

  • The button to Post Your Event can be found on the top of the calendar. See below example and use the button ( + Post Your Event in green ).

Fill-out the form. Take note that fields required are displayed.

A. Make sure your event has your Area Name and Date ( makes it easier to scan). Please put all the information on the flyer in the Description field so that people who use a screen reader or have color vision issues will be able to easily see the information for your event.

B. Please pick a category so that it displays what service committee supports the event.

C. Add your Date and Time and Attach Image

D. Add venue – create a new venue, make sure you use the name of the venue. If an Online/Zoom event use the Event Website for the Zoom link.

F. Cost – Enter cost, if no cost/free leave blank or enter zero.

G. Terms of Submission. This must be agreed upon to finish the submission. If the terms are not adhered to the CRSC tech/Web committee will remove the event.


Once your form is submitted it is reviewed and published or you will be contacted for a correction or verification.

Note: if you have a pre-registration flyer as a PDF, email it to as an attachment ( use your event name and event flyer name PDF in the subject line ) and the webteam will post it as a download link in your event description.