Finding & Updating Meetings

There are a few ways to find meetings on this site:
  1. You can search Meetings by Area, what we mean is the NA name of the Area. This is a listing of the communities that each area serves.
  2. You can select the state in which you are in ( NC or SC ). The listing automatically displays the day you are in. You can find a meeting in the town you are looking for by sorting by the town tab. The list will display via alphabetical display ( A-Z to Z-A ).
  3. Additionally we have a PDF of all the meetings within our region as a download only.
If you are looking for printed meetings in the area you live in you can visit the Meetings by Area page, find the Area your in and visit the Area’s website to contact them for a printed local Area meeting list.

Finding Meetings by State or NA Service Area

    • Hover over the New to NA menu item and you will see a 3 options. Go down to the Meetings> link and you’ll see the options available ( like example below ). Choose the state you are looking for meetings in in NC or in SC. ( be aware some meetings within NC might be apart of the NC Region )( menu example )You can sort the meeting directory by selecting a category, such as town/day and the list will display in a alphabetical or numeric hierarchy. ( sort example )
    • On each listing you will see the name of the group, address and format. When you select the address a new window will open with a google map, you can get directions from google. ( select the meeting link to see google directions )
    • When you click on a meeting format icon you will get a popover display describing the format. ( meeting format description example )
  • Meetings by Area page you will find all the CRSC member areas, on each area listing the towns/cities/county where meetings are. Additionally you can view just the meetings within that area on its own meeting listing page. ( See example below )

The CRNA website uses the BMLT ( Basic Meeting List Toolbox ) to provide meeting information and directions to meetings within the Carolina Region and relies on each area to add and maintain the meetings in the CRNA BMLT. If you are a trusted servant that has the responsibility for this role for your area contact the webteam for your login and password. We will require that your RCM be cc’d in any request to assist in updating meetings for area’s without a Web updates trusted servant.

Download the updating guide here



We rely on meeting information to be entered correctly.

Each AREA is responsible for the meetings in the BMLT in their area.

  • Spell out all street names and directions (West 92nd Avenue)
  • Check your spelling if you’re unsure
  • Cross-reference the address in GOOGLE if you’re unsure.
  • Ask an addict who goes to the meeting if you don’t know specifics or formats.
  • Use the BMLT fields for data entry the way they were intended to be used.
  • Add any additional information in the notes so that your meeting location can be found ex: use front door , go to the stairwell on right and third door on left in basement. This will especially help newcomers and visitors to find the room your meeting is in.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing ask for help. is the resource for help.
  • Ask for assistance when editing for the first time. One of the webteam trusted servants will be able to help after work hours.
  • Remember that all the website trusted servants are only volunteers.
  • Become familiar with the format codes and use the appropriate ones.
  • Train the next Area meeting servant so that regional service members can work on other tasks.
  • Share these instructions with everyone.
  • Don’t leave fields empty. They will be an problem for a newcomer or someone visiting that meeting to become confused or lost. Additionally the Carolina Region will be providing the bd to NAWS and that will created confusion and additonal work for all.
  • Don’t spell out North Carolina, South Carolina or use N.C. , S.C. or any other variation of the two states. NC and SC are the only designations to be used for state location. Using something else may cause your meeting/s to not display in a search or table list.
  • Don’t use # or @ in the fields. Please use English words in the English listings and Spanish words in the Spanish listings.
  • Don’t put personal information into the BMLT
  • Don’t forget to publish meetings that you have just created.
  • Don’t create duplicate meeting listings.
  • Don’t be careless with this tool. Addicts depend on meeting information being correct and updated in a timely manner.

Adapted from: The Southern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous