There are a few ways to find meetings on our site:

  1. You can use the Meeting Search by Map – you will need to ensure you allow the site to use your location to determine the closest meetings to you can select meetings near me, meetings later today and tomorrow. You can specify the distance of your search from Automatic to 200 miles. You’ll be presented with a list of meetings and you will be see the time and location and format and selecting the circle with the arrow in it will give you a window with the map and additional details.
  2. You can search Meetings by Area, what we mean is the NA name of the Area. There is listing of the communities that each area serves.
  3. You can select the state in which you are in ( NC or SC ). The listing automatically displays the day you are in. To find a meeting in the town you are looking for by sorting by the town tab. The list will display via alphabetical display ( A-Z to Z-A ).
  4. Additionally we have a PDF of all the meetings within our region as a download only.

If you are looking for printed meetings in the area you live in you can visit the Meetings by Area page, find the Area your in and visit the Area’s website to contact them for a printed local Area meeting list.

Finding Meetings by State or NA Service Area

  • Hover over the New to NA menu item and you will see a 3 options. Go down to the Meetings> link and you’ll see the options available ( like example below ). Choose the state you are looking for meetings in in NC or in SC. ( be aware some meetings within NC might be apart of the NC Region ) ( menu example )You can sort the meeting directory by selecting a category, such as town/day and the list will display in a alphabetical or numeric hierarchy. ( sort example )
  • Meeting Listings On each listing you will see the name of the group, address and format. When you select the address a new window will open with a google map, you can get directions from google. ( select google directions example )
  • Meeting Formats When you click on a meeting format icon you will get a popover display describing the format. ( meeting format description example ) See Meeting Format Codes below
  • Meetings by Area you will find all the CRSC member areas, on each area listing the towns/cities/county where meetings are. Additionally you can view just the meetings within that area on its own meeting listing page. ( See example below )

Each meeting is classified by “format codes,” which are explained below:

This meeting is focused on the needs of new members of NA.

BTBasic Text
This meeting is focused on discussion of the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous.

This meeting is closed to non-addicts. You should attend only if you believe that you may have a problem with substance abuse.

This meeting is held by candlelight.

CSChildren under Supervision
Well-behaved, supervised children are welcome.

This meeting invites participation by all attendees.

This meeting is focused on the needs of gay, lesbian and transgender members of NA.

IP Informational Pamphlet
This meeting is focused on discussion of one or more Informational Pamphlets.

IW It Works -How and Why
This meeting is focused on discussion of the It Works -How and Why text.

JTJust for Today
This meeting is focused on discussion of the Just For Today text.

This meeting is meant to be attended by men only.

NCNo Children
Please do not bring children to this meeting.

O Open
This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome.

Pi Pitch
This meeting has a format that consists of each person who shares picking the next person.

RF Rotating Format
This meeting has a format that changes for each meeting.

RrRound Robin
This meeting has a fixed sharing order (usually a circle.)

SCSurveillance Cameras
This meeting is held in a facility that has surveillance cameras.

This meeting is lead by a speaker, then opened for participation by attendees.

SGStep Working Guide
This meeting is focused on discussion of the Step Working Guide text.

SoSpeaker Only
This meeting is a speaker-only meeting. Other attendees do not participate in the discussion.

St Step
This meeting is focused on discussion of the Twelve Steps of NA.

This meeting is based upon a topic chosen by a speaker or by group conscience.

This meeting is focused on discussion of the Twelve Traditions of NA.

TW Traditions
Workshop This meeting engages in detailed discussion of one or more of the Twelve Traditions of N.A.

This meeting is meant to be attended by women only.

This meeting is wheelchair accessible.

YPYoung People
This meeting is focused on the needs of younger members of NA.

BKBook Study
Approved N.A. Books

NS No Smoking
Smoking is not allowed at this meeting.

Ag Agnostic
Intended for people with varying degrees of Faith.

FDFive and Dime
Discussion of the Fifth Step and the Tenth Step

AB Ask-It-Basket
A topic is chosen from suggestions placed into a basket.

ME Meditation
This meeting encourages its participants to engage in quiet meditation.

RARestricted Attendance
This facility places restrictions on attendees.

CW Children Welcome
Children are welcome at this meeting.

This meeting is focused on discussion of the twelve concepts of NA.

Disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God

LCLiving Clean
This meeting focuses on the discussion of the Living Clean

LTLiterature Study
This meeting uses any fellowship approved literature as the format for the meeting.