Jan 2020 RSC

January RSC Agenda
January 11, 2020 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm America/New York Timezone
Fairmont United Methodist Church
2501 Clark Avenue Raleigh
NC 27607
Jan 2020 RSC @ Fairmont United Methodist Church

Parking and Entrance:

There is a parking lot next to the church on Clark Ave. and another across the street on the corner of Clark and Horne Ave.  The side door on Horne Ave. will be unlocked,  take the stairs down and follow corridor to your left.


10:30 Call To Order – Serenity Prayer

  • Reading of the Twelve Traditions
  • Reading of the Twelve Concepts
  • Reading of the CRSC Mission Statement

Roll Call (***Roll Call will also follow each break & lunch)

Consideration of minutes from the previous CRSC quarterly meeting

Old Business:
Proposal 19-10/12

Area Reports & Concerns


OPEN Positions:
Alt. Treasurer, Alt. Secretary, Finance Chair, H&I Chair

RD/AD Report (requested 45 minutes)

Subcommittees Reports ~ H&I, PR (& YAP Ad-hoc), Lit, Web, Policy, Finance, Treasurer

New Business

Final Treasurer’s Report / Motion for donation

Announcements, Adjournment, and Closing Prayer

***next CRSC: April 4, 2020 to be held in Asheville, NC***